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Most of our products are developed in cooperation with partners and financed by revenue sharing.

Image Maps


Apps with topological maps for outdoor navigation.

Image Nature


Determining, observing, and knowing more about plants and animals.

Image Educational


Learning, training and understanding.

Image Experimental


Are new ideas and technologies suited for real-world applications?



Swiss Pro Map

Swiss Pro Map

Swiss Pro Map, the map app for Switzerland and the Alpine region.

Swiss Pro Map is a versatile and rich map app with many useful features and functions for all outdoor activities, mountain sports, hiking, biking and aviation.
The focus of "Swiss Pro Map" lies on offline data and numerous functions and features, which are especially needed by professional users.

Swiss Pro Map is the successor of Swiss Map Mobile. With Swiss Map Mobile, Garzotto GmbH developed one of the most innovative and successful map apps in collaboration with swisstopo starting in 2008.
Since the official app of swisstopo, which is now available, will no longer be developed by us after a new tender in 2019, we have decided to continue to maintain the app independently of swisstopo and under a new name. A significant number of users do not want to do without the possibilities and features of Swiss Map Mobile. We have therefore placed the app on a new technical basis. While the usability and design have been modernized, the existing functionality has been retained as far as possible.


Swiss Pro Map im App Store



Pflotsh is a joint project of Kachelmann GmbH and us. Under this label, we publish a number of useful and high-quality weather apps.

Because there are already a lot of weather apps, our ambition is to provide the most accurate weather information and the best forecast models in specific apps.

With our app Pflotsh Storm we have succeeded in developing one of the leading for apps Storm Tracking within a very short time. The app provides the most accurate observation data for severe weather and precipitation in German-speaking Europe, South Tyrol and Luxembourg.


Storm im App Store


Pflotsh SuperHD is breaking new ground: besides the best weather model it also indicates the uncertainty in a weather forecast. By comparing with the next best models, you can see whether or not you can rely on a prediction.


SuperHD im App Store


On our pflotsh Website you will find all our weather apps: Pflotsh Tropical with worldwide information on tropical weather phenomena, Pflotsh ECMWF with its wide selection of global weather forecasts from the ECMWF-Model, as well as the two derived apps Pflotsh Beach and Pflotsh Sail with weather information for sailors respectively for holiday weather.


Austrian Map mobile

Austrian Map Mobile

The official Austrian maps of the Bundesamts für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (BEV).

Austrian Map mobile (AMap mobile) brings the national maps of Austria to the smartphone. We revised the app in 2021 and adapted it to users' needs.


Austrian Map Mobile in App Store


BW Map Mobile

BW Map Mobile

The digital maps of Baden-Württemberg by the "Landesamt für Geoinformation und Landentwicklung Baden-Württemberg (LGL)"

The app provides the Baden-Württemberg maps at the scales of 1:1 million to 1:10'000, and additionally integrates the Open Data maps "Maps4BW". In addition to 3D and augmented reality, it provides tourist information as well as cycling and hiking routes.


BW Map Mobile in App Store



Tick bite, what to do? The ZHAW-Spinoff A&K Strategy GmbH provides information and practices for monitoring and prevention of tick bites and informs about complications and diseases. In cooperation with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

A map shows current local tick risk. A reminder function supports the observation of any tick bites and proposes to see a doctor when appropriate. The App provides information about prevention of tick-borne encephalitis and lyme disease and it explains the biology of ticks.


Zecke in App Store



Bild iGarten

The augmented way to enjoy your garden.

With just a few touches of the screen, you can find the perfectly suited plants for your home and garden, from an assortment of more than 3200 well-documented plants with over 21000 high resolution pictures.


iGarten im App Store





iGarten is also avalable online as a Web application .

Flower Walks

Bild Flower Walks

Flower Walks - botanical hikes

The App offers a playful and informative insight into mor than 1'000 plants and their habitat. It presents the position of the plants using GPS and leads through 59 beautiful hikes all over Switzerland.

Authenticity check

Bild yapeal

Plug-in for yapeal, a Swiss mobile-only-fintech.

Client onboarding is the process a customer goes through to open a account. For mobile-only, this process must be as user-friendly as secure. The plug-in checks the customer's information by scanning and checking the id-card or passport. The plug-in also helps to ensure that the new customer is a person who acts independently. To show this, he has to make a 3D selfie. The plug-in evaluates the image and movement data.

Demonstrator for the analysis of satellite orbit data

Bild Satellites

armasuisse Science and Technology: Research project for satellites

The orbit and the visibility of selected satellites are calculated over a selected period of time for a specific location. The project also takes into account geographic information for the horizon line and weather data. The satellite situation can be represented in three views: a map, a stereographic projection of the sky dome and a 3D view. The data can be exported for further use.


Bild Waldlabor Zürich

Waldlabor Zürich

Waldlabor is an open-air laboratory covering 150 hectares at the outskirts of Zurich. The Waldlabor explores the various goods, forests provide for our society. The app makes the Waldlabor and its knowledge accessible to everyone.


Waldlabor at the App Store





Das Waldlabor ist auch im Web verfügbar.



With an audio tour, users can take on the perspective of a undocumented migrant and receive information. The tour can be taken at the user's own pace and enables precise location-based information to be played without the need for tiresome interaction with the smartphone.

The Sans-Papiers Anlaufstelle Zürich SPAZ advises people without regular residence status and raises public and state awareness of the issue of undocumented migrants and their precarious living situation.


SPAZ in App Store




Yodeling is absolutely simple and safe.

The yodel app guarantees that you can yodel everywhere right away.

Ingeborg and Herrmann Härtel (Tradmotion) have collected 60 Styrian Jodlers, and enriched them with interesting additional information.


Jodler im App Store



Bild iForest

Trees and Bushes for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

iForest turns your phone into an electronic plant book, with which you can contemplate, determine, recognize, compare, and learn the most important kinds of trees and bushes of Central Europe.


iForest im App Store



Bild iPflanzen

Identify plants of the forest and the garden.

Identify more than 1600 plants in parks, forest, garden and home. Switch from this free App with one touch to iForest or iGarten to access to more information about those plants.


iPflanzen im App Store


Bild Butterflynder

Determine, compare, and get to know the butterflies of Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Austria. In collaboration with

A comprehensive field guide to more than 260 species with over 2500 high resolution images, showing male, female, upper side, under side and relevant variations of every species. With easy to use search, comparison, and filter functions.


Butterflynder im App Store



Bild Orthoptera

Orthoptera - latin for grasshoppers - can be used to intuitively classify 119 species from Switzerland and Germany. Developed in collaboration with and zhaw.

It is designed for interested laymen and experts. The species shown are illustrated with detailed information and more than 3700 images, sound documents and drawings. With GPS location, which is helpful for efficient classification.


Orthoptera im App Store



Bild Note-CH

Calculate Marks.

This simple but useful App calculates marks on the basis of obtained scores. It is ideal for teachers who work within the Swiss Educational System, where marks from 1 to 6 are used with the best mark a 6, but it is also configurable for other systems.


Note-CH im App Store

GPS Tracking, Visualizing, and more

Demonstrator for research and special products

We develop applications for internal use for various customers. They are often in related to GPS tracking and visualization of moving objects.
For example, Armasuisse Wissenschaft + Technologie is testing the use of civilian devices such as iPhones for non-military purposes. Positions and ways of units equipped with trackers are visualized on swisstopo maps.

Former products

Various other products

Everything is in motion. The above list is growing continuously and products are taken from sale or are taken over by other companies.

  • A multi-user strategy game for homeowners' associations,
  • A guide through Italian parks and gardens,
  • A music theory app,
  • Learning software for accounting,
  • Learning software for German vocabulary,
  • The Swiss Hike guidebook,
  • An app to find friends nearby (mesh network),
  • A feasibility study for an app for janitorial companies,
  • A dedicated version of Swiss Pro Map for the Swiss Air-Rescue Rega and the Swiss Air Force,
  • SPAZ's predecessor app offered a version of audio walks that enabled interactivity between participants.